CrystalCrystal is the stage name of Colin Munro, who placed 6th on Season 1 of "RuPaul's Drag Race UK".

She was the first ever queen to walk into the runway of Drag Race UK.

She calls herself "Crystal" because she described her drag like "glamorous", "sparkling" and "absolutely worthless".

She was the second Canadian contestant to compete on a non-Canadian version of Drag Race, after Brooke Lynn Hytes. She is also the first Canadian queen to compete on Drag Race UK.

She is the first UK contestant to win a mini-challenge and be eliminated in the same episode. Crystal was also the first queen on Drag Race UK to win the Reading is Fundamental mini-challenge.  She married on June 2019.

Memorables quotes from Crystal on Ru Paul's Drag Race included:

  • "Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's body dysmorphia"
  • "I'm sparkly, transparent, and cheap."
  • "What? You would too if you could!"
  • ''It was quite the scandal.''
  • "What do I know, I’m dead. Thanks syphillis."
  • "James Bond? Try James Bondage."
  • "They weren’t bad...."
  • "Baga Shitz, how many times do we have to flush to get rid of you?"
  • "The Vivienne, proof you can polish a turd."
  • "And Blu, in the immortal words of Madonna, I loathe hydrangeas."
  • Dear, I fear it's clear, As Crystal, The way I'm saying sashay is with a pistol"
  • "You're a bunch of ugly, talentless, horrible little witches. I'm going to miss you. C x. 💎"